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Michelle Benitez, Saybrook College

Research Associate, Curagen

As some of you may know I had a brief stint living in NY where I am originally from.  However, went on to marry my significant other and moved to Guilford, CT (about 10 minutes from Yale).  We had a lovely baby girl in January, 2001.  I heard rumblings about an up and coming genome technology firm by the name of Curagen.  After interviewing I was thrilled with what I saw and have been working there ever since.  If any of you ever wondered what was in that big glass building on Long Wharf now you know.


Dan Fingerman, Saybrook College

Lawyer, Mount & Stoelker, P.C.

I entered law school at Boston University in the fall of 2000.  Some people hate law school because it is so much work, but I loved it!  I worked in BU's civil litigation clinic, under the umbrella of Greater Boston Legal Services.  In the summer of 2001 worked for McRoberts & Roberts, a small (three attorneys) environmental litigation firm in Boston.  I spent the summer of 2002 in New Haven, working for Wiggin & Dana, a general practice law firm.  After graduating, I published a couple of papers and started working for Mount & Stoelker, P.C., a high-tech intellectual property firm in San Jose.

Oh yeah...and I am still unicycling and being a wiseguy.


Keith Fitzpatrick

Consultant, Bear, Stearns & Co., Inc.

I am enjoying New York and hanging out at the Yale Club with the buds. After my year playing hockey with the New Haven Knights, I had a brief stint working as a paralegal at a firm in New Haven. I contemplated going back to law school but was drawn to the Big Apple because I wanted to be close to my family. I miss New Haven though, and often go back to visit my favorite spot, Toad's. Next time you are in New York this summer, you can find me at the Yale Club for Thursday Night Cocktails. I may even let YOU buy me a drink!


Michael Frazer, Davenport College

Ph.D. Student, Princeton University

As for me, I'm entering my third year as a Ph.D. student in political philosophy at Princeton. Just passed my comprehensive exams and finished my coursework, and am about to begin the TAing-and-writing-a-dissertation phase of grad school. To get away from Jersey, I spent the last two summers learning German at the Goethe Institut in Berlin.


Erika Greenfest, Pierson College

Analyst, Bear, Stearns & Co., Inc.

Upon graduation, I began working in investment banking at Bear Stearns. I joined the healthcare group about four months into my time here and have not left my cubicle since. (But to reflect on Michelle's post, I did get a Curagen HAT out of it when we pitched them). Although it might be hard for an outsider to imagine, life at the Bear and in New York in general is great. Can't wait to see all of you guys in the city next time they let me out :)


Teri Hickey, Saybrook College

Washington State Dept. of Transportation

I'm still in Washington State, working for the Department of Transportation now, as a Planning Technician and still attending Church of Living Water.  While still giving private pitching lessons to young fastpitch prodigies, I have also applied to lead Tenino High School's fastpitch program next spring.  In my spare time, I teach English to a Korean intern at WSDOT and may be adding two young children to my clientele.  As well, I also still play volleyball and spend a lot of time with my family.  And, God is still good!


Nicole Itano, Saybrook College

Freelance Reporter, Johannesburg, South Africa

After a short stint at a newspaper in New Orleans, I headed to South Africa to try my hand at being a freelance reporter. These days I'm enjoying the luxuries of ex-pat life with a VERY favorable exchange rate and am writing for the Christian Science Monitor and the Sydney Morning Herald in Australia. I'd love to hear from everyone I've lost touch with!